5 Tips for Living a Pain-Free Life

Some of these tips might seem obvious, but everybody really should be implementing all of them.

  1. Diet: Start with eating a healthy, well-balanced diet. If you want to live a pain-free lifestyle, you have to put good stuff in to get good stuff out. I think diet and nutrition are very important for that.
  2. Exercise: Get some sort of exercise on a regular basis. I really coach people on trying to exercise at least four days a week. If you are only exercising three days a week, that means you are not exercising more than you are exercising. So, you at least want to try to get those four days in.
  3. Meditation: Incorporate some kind of de-stress technique into your day.
  4. Detoxification: You’ve got to eliminate the toxins that are inside the body.
  5. Supplementation: I probably take 20 to 30 pills a day. I do that because I deal with sick people every day. I know what the body needs and I try to give myself as much of that as possible so that I can live as healthy as possible.
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