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Check out these videos of successful patients of Valley Spinal Care Kierland and Dr. Chris Serafini.
Using all-natural and drug free treatments, Dr. Serafini was able to incredibly restore a full range of motion
to this patients. This was accomplished without painful surgery and is just one of hundreds
of cases that Dr. Serafini takes care of each and every year!

Patients Treated for Headache Pain

No more meds!

Patients Treated for Back Pain

Hear the life-changing dramatic results!

Patient is Treated for Vertigo

See the life-changing dramatic results!

Before & After

Doctor is Treated and Relieved of Frozen Shoulder

Dr. Chris Serafini treated another doctor at a seminar during a breakout treatment session. His frozen shoulder was relieved and he regained full range of motion!

Before & After

Incredible Before/After of Additional Successful Frozen Shoulder Patients!

Additional successful patients regain shoulder movement thanks to the treatment of Dr. Chris Serafini, DC of Valley Spinal Care of Kierland.

Before & After

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