Applied Kinesiology

The body itself gives us clues to where it hurts and how to heal it. Applied kinesiology investigates the body without invasive tests, finding the muscle
weaknesses where the trouble hides. Whether it is joint manipulation, joint mobilization, myofascial therapy, meridian therapy, or cranial
therapy—Chris Serafini will help you get to the root of your pain so we can target our treatment to your unique problems and needs.

Cold Laser Therapy

Laser therapy uses infrared and cold light to treat pain by stimulating cells to aid in the healing process. By helping to reduce inflammation and by stimulating the mitochondria to optimize energy and regeneration,cold light laser dramatically increases healing times.


Gonstead Technique

“Feel the Gonstead Difference!”

Our clinic utilizes the Gonstead Technique and Dr. Serafini has spent several years studying and perfecting the technique. This kind of chiropractic technique
focuses on strengthening the base of your spinal column while at same time fixing misalignments (called “subluxations”) so that you will be better able
to cope with bodily ailments and signs of aging. It has worked wonders on countless patients here at Valley Spinal Care.


Easy Appointment Scheduling

Schedule your appointments FAST by simply calling or emailing our team directly from your smartphone!




Brimhall’s 6 Steps to Wellness

More than just a treatment for one bodily problem, the Brimhall wellness plan looks to address the individual in a holistic manner, starting by re-establishing
structural integrity then moving on to nutrition and electromagnetism, before addressing allergies and ridding the body of the toxins that constrain our
health. The treatment even looks to address our belief systems and the negative thoughts that block us from happiness. Of our Chiropractic and
Wellness services, this is the therapy for those who want to achieve a higher state of self-actualization.

• Toxins   • Trauma   • Stress

BrainTap Sessions

Brainwave training uses light, sound and the power of your mind to overcome and transform heath.

Science Based Nutrition

We do a comprehensive panel of tests for some patients in order to identify specific deficiencies through testing which includes blood work, hair
analysis (which tests for toxic metals and essential element levels), urine testing, saliva, stool and hormone testing. We use this to
gather information via test results to put together very customized functional nutritional plans and reports.

Chiropractic Services

Sports Injury

We offer personalized sports-injury care. The treatment you undertake within the first day of injury can seriously impact the duration of your recovery.

Auto Accident Care

An auto accident can lead to a wide range of physical problems beyond the initial impact. Getting the proper treatment is to key to rapid and full recovery.

Chronic Headaches

Free yourself of migraines, cluster headaches, stress headaches, anxiety related headaches, cervicogenic (neck pain related) headaches & tension headaches.

Spinal Adjustments

By skillfully adjusting the spine’s vertebrae to their original natural position, you are able to function at your highest level and perform at your peak.

Rehabilitative Exercises

We develop individualized exercise plans suited for your specific needs & abilities. Rehabilitative exercise is effective for injury & painful chronic conditions!

Nutritional Counseling

We will teach you how to eat properly for your lifestyle. Our trained staff will show you how to make changes that will affect the rest of your life.

Cold Laser Therapy

Cold light laser will significantly reduce pain and inflammation while dramatically increasing healing times.

Spinal Rehabilitation

Protocols are designed to help relieve various types of pain and improve muscle movement for increased mobility and strength.

Corporate Wellness

The most significant way to reduce healthcare costs is to educate the public on ways to maintain their health and prevent disease.

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