What to Expect During a Cupping Therapy Session

An ancient form of alternative medicine that originated in China, cupping therapy has been used for thousands of years to treat a variety of medical conditions. Though it may seem like one of the latest trends, cupping therapy is actually found in one of the world’s oldest medical textbooks, the Ebers Papyrus, dated 1550 B.C

At Valley Spinal Care Kierland, Dr. Chris Serafini and our team are dedicated to providing you with the most effective pain-relief therapies and treatments. That’s why we’re proud to provide cupping therapy sessions. Read on to learn more about this soothing treatment and discover if it could provide relief for you. 

How cupping therapy works

There are two types of cupping therapy: dry and wet (we do NOT use WET method).

There are different ways to create suction with cupping. The traditional method involves placing flammable substances like herbs, alcohol, or paper inside a cup and setting it on fire. While the fire is going out, we then place the cups upside down on your skin. (we do not use this method). There’s a more modern form of cupping that uses flexible silicon cups which enable us to get the suction effect and or we use plastic cups with a suction device to create the effect. These silicone cups can be moved from place to place on your skin for a more massage-like experience. 

This process is what creates the vacuum effect. Your skin will rise and redden, as the cups are left in place for about three minutes. Generally, you can expect to get three to five cups during your first session, and normally no more than five to seven. 

Cupping is relatively safe, but you may experience reddening of the skin and bruises, so we do take precautions to monitor your skin. 

What cupping therapy is used for 

Cupping therapy is used for a variety of conditions. It can be helpful for pain relief, sore and tight muscles, fascial constrictions, scarring, migraines, arthritis, and fibromyalgia. 

Many conditions and problems can benefit from cupping.    

Cupping therapy could be an incredibly beneficial treatment for you. To learn more call us to make an appointment today. 

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