What Benefits Can You Expect from Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care includes making adjustments to the spine to align it properly so that the nervous system can function at its best. The benefits of chiropractic care include greater range of motion and flexibility, reduced pain and inflammation, and greater overall body function.

Can chiropractic care help relieve different types of aches and pains?

Dr. Chris Serafini: Absolutely, and that’s what we do all day, every day. The body, once again, is mechanical in nature. Everything that’s mechanical needs maintenance and repair. What does that mean, as far as aches and pains? When bones misalign, there is a pain response there. There is an inflammatory response that occurs. As chiropractors, we are checking to see where those bones have misaligned, and then we realign them back to their biomechanical position. That, in essence, decreases aches and pains.

Will chiropractic care allow someone to gain more range of motion and flexibility?

Dr. Chris Serafini: Certainly. When bones misalign, this causes that decrease in range of motion or flexibility. Think of it like a dislocation. A dislocation is when a bone completely dislocates out of that joint space. We define this, what we’re looking as chiropractors, as a subluxation. Sub meaning just beneath or under a dislocation. It’s a subluxation. It is not quite a dislocation. When we adjust those bones, once again, when a bone is out of alignment, it is going to cause some sort of decrease in range of motion or flexibility, similar to what a dislocation would do, but not quite as much. When we realign the bone, it instantly puts that bone back to its proper biomechanical position and then increases range of motion and flexibility.

How does chiropractic care help improve our immune system?

Dr. Chris Serafini: Our spines house the central nervous system. It is the master control system of the entire body. It controls all of the other systems. If there is any bone that is out of place, putting pressure on a nerve that exits the spine, it is going to cause dysfunction wherever that nerve goes to.

The immune system is a system, and it is controlled by the nervous system. It is one of the systems. If there is any interference or pressure on nerves that go to the immune system, it is going to cause it to not function ultimately. According to research, an adjustment can spike your immune system up to 10 times. That’s really what it’s doing. We are ultimately working with the central nervous system, the master control system of the body. We make sure that everything is flowing the way it’s supposed to, all communication is happening the way it’s supposed to. That’s ultimately going to make your immune system function the right way.

Does chiropractic care help with injury prevention and recovery from injuries and strains?

Dr. Chris Serafini: Most definitely. Since chiropractors really are looking for misalignments of bones and then realigning those, when the bone is misaligned, oftentimes it can be asymptomatic. Would this set you up for a possible injury in the future? Certainly. When we realign the bone, it’s going to put it back to its proper position and then thus decreasing your injury risk.

As far as, by definition, a sprain/strain is really when the ligaments or tendons stretch beyond their normal lengths, and that is going to tear or injure some of the fibers in there. By definition, those ligaments and tendons are attached to bone. If the ligaments or tendons have stretched beyond their normal lengths, they are attached to bones. That means those bones would have to move out of their normal position, as well. Oftentimes you get bones that have misaligned, causing an inflammatory response and pain response, and it leaves those ligaments or tendons still stretched. What we do is realign those bones which now takes the pressure off the ligaments and tendons and allows us to recover faster.

In what ways can chiropractic care help athletes with sports performance?

Dr. Chris Serafini: We see many athletes in our office. Ultimately, an athlete’s body is their tool. I use the analogy with golfers. You give me a golf club and I hit the golf ball. It goes a certain direction for a certain length of time versus a professional golfer uses the same exact club and gets a completely different result. Our bodies are different. The club is the same.

We try to really increase the overall function of an athlete by diving into the nervous system. We also use a technique called applied kinesiology. That is using muscle testing to analyze and assess the body’s performance. We really break athletes down to see where they have weak muscles at. We call this up regulating them. When an athlete comes in, we muscle test. We see what’s firing, what’s not, and then we up regulate to make sure that their bodies are functioning ultimately.

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