The Top 5 Dietary Supplements


There are many different supplements out there but the top in my opinion would be a probiotic. A probiotic is going to be great, fantastic for you. It’s great for colon health, but many different applications in the body use that probiotic. Over 80% of your immune system originates in the gut and that’s going to keep your gut flora healthy and keep your immune system high.

Another one would be essential fatty acid. The membrane of every cell in your entire body is made up of cholesterol or fat. You need lots of essential fatty acid in a good ratio in order to increase your cellular productivity.       

Also, magnesium. Magnesium is really important for many different things. The list is too many to call off. There are many different benefits of magnesium.          

Multivitamins are always important. Multi, meaning there are many different kinds of vitamins in a multivitamin. I do recommend taking more than one a day though. Sometimes there is just a little bit of a given vitamin in a multivitamin, so I do recommend you take more than that.          

Vitamin D has many different benefits as well. One of the big benefits that we know of is that it decreases cancer risk.

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