The Top 3 Resolutions for the Corporate Workplace


In a corporate wellness session, we see employers and employees looking to make personal improvements for quality of life at home and at the workplace. In my experience, the top three resolutions that people in a corporate workplace want to address are:

We bring ideas for lifestyle changes to the table and then can work with patients one-on-one for optimal health. These three resolutions would help a majority of the people in a company see better performance at home and at work with long-term benefits.

Dr. Chris Serafini at Valley Spinal Care Kierland offers a full range of chiropractic and wellness services that go beyond what many practices offer. He has created a relaxed environment that is optimal for you, the patient. Dr. Serafini can be reached at (480) 443-7678 and is located at 6339 East Greenway Rd Scottsdale, AZ 85254.

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