The 3 Main Benefits of Whole Body Vibration

Body Vibration

When you’re standing on a vibrating platform, you’re really increasing the forces on your body, which is really what puts the work into your workout. By increasing gravity, it effectively increases the G-forces exerted on the body. A high quality vibration platform really can generate forces from 2-6 Gs depending on the frequency and amplitude settings that are used. This means that even at the lowest setting, you nearly double your body weight in terms of the forces applied, but when you stand on the vibrating platform, each muscle in your body reacts in continuous flow of really micro-adjustments contracting reflexively by engaging up to 98% of your muscle fibers, including the fast and the super fast muscle fibers, so you get greater rewards and shorter workouts.

There are so many benefits of whole body vibration but if I had to pick three, I’d say

  1. The increase in muscle strength, especially in explosive strength.
  2. The increase in flexibility and mobility.
  3. The improvement of blood circulation because that can have tremendous benefits for healing.

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