Almost every person could benefit from taking a dietary supplement such as a probiotic, essential fatty acids, magnesium and vitamin D. Getting lab work done before and after taking supplements will confirm if they are working.

What are the main types of dietary supplements?

Dr. Chris Serafini: Your main categories would be really, vitamins and minerals. There are some other off-shoots of that. There are homeopathics, there’s other naturopathic herbs. Different supplements contain different things, sometimes exclusively just a vitamin or just a mineral or others have a combination or a synergistic blend. There’s also what’s referenced as glandulars. But for the most part, your main types are vitamins and minerals.

Are most supplements in the form of pills or are there other ways to take supplements?

Dr. Chris Serafini: In today’s environment, what companies have come up with, there’s many different versions of supplements, which makes it great. So, if a person has a hard time with swallowing capsules or let’s say it’s a younger person, you can’t get tablets or capsules into them. There are different types; there’s chewables nowadays, there’s powders, there’s capsules, there’s gel caps. So, there’s many different forms of supplementation, which really makes it great because patient compliance is ultimately the highest priority. If patients aren’t willing to take it or do it in a timely fashion, it won’t work.  Like I said, thank god nowadays there’s many different ways.

What is the best way to determine if someone needs supplements in their diet?

Dr. Chris Serafini: The best way truly, is lab work and testing. You can’t tell by looking at someone if they have high cholesterol levels. There’s no way looking at somebody or being able to tell whether they do or don’t have proper levels. Really the best way is some sort of lab work, some sort of testing that has pre- and post-testing. You want to test first, see what your levels are; testing is like a report card for your body. You have some A’s and B’s, we’re not worried about that. You have some C’s, you want to monitor those, and you have some D’s and F’s. And the D’s and F’s is where we want to concentrate our efforts.

So, lab work, tests, get your levels, then implement a supplementation program and then re-test at the end to see if the supplements are working.

Are there supplements that everyone should take, within certain age brackets?

Dr. Chris Serafini: This is a great question, and yes, absolutely. There are, what we reference in our office is core foundational essentials that we want every patient to take. Every person, just about every person walking around on planet earth out there could absolutely benefit from taking some sort of supplementation and the most common one I would say would be probiotics, number one. Number two would be an essential fatty acid of sorts. Magnesium, lots of deficiencies out there of magnesium. Also, a good multi-vitamin is great, and also last would be vitamin D.

How do you know if the supplements are working?

Dr. Chris Serafini: Once again, you always want to do some sort of lab work. You want to make sure you’re getting some report card for the body, some standard, some basic outline of where that patient’s at, and then you implement a supplementation and then you test again. If the supplements are working, the patient is complying, you should see the abnormal levels start to normalize over a period of time. We usually test our patients within about 60-90 days, once they get on the program.

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