Sports Injuries

Structure determines function so if the structure of the body isn’t proper then the body is not going to function optimally.

What are some common sports injuries that you have helped to heal as a chiropractor?

Dr. Chris Serafini: They vary tremendously which is great but we’ve helped a lot of athletes with repetitive trauma. Obviously, as athletes doing the same motions over and over can lead to repetitive trauma issues. Folks with tendinitis, bursitis, rotator cuff problems, knee, shoulder, ankle, elbow, wrists. I see a lot of golfers with wrist problems. Like I said, there are a lot of injuries that athletes basically have to overcome in any kind of career. We really help with a wide variety of those.

Do you focus on treating the whole body and not just one area that is injured or feeling pain?

Dr. Chris Serafini: It’s a good question. It’s a two part answer. I’d say initially we treat the injured area or the painful area. That’s usually what the athlete is most concerned about. Once we get that area stable… under control…we get the fire to go out…I would say once we get that doing good then we’ll work eventually on the whole body to treat them as a whole.

In what ways do you help athletes recover from serious injuries?

Dr. Chris Serafini: I would look at this like a race car and a mechanic for that race car. Chiropractors are like mechanics for the body. What we’re trying to do ultimately is realign the structure of the body so that we can increase the function, really get them optimally functioning as an athlete. In order for us to do that, we have to work with some serious injuries sometimes. We’ll use different therapies like cold light laser – that works phenomenally well. Obviously, chiropractic adjustments. We also work physical therapy wise so we’ll do exercises and different therapies along that sort.

How does consistent chiropractic care help prepare the body for sports?

Dr. Chris Serafini: Once again, I would go to that mechanic for the body. Most people understand that structure determines function so if the structure of the body or the structure of a building isn’t proper then the building is not going to function properly, same with the body. Consistent chiropractic care is really working on the structure as well as sometimes the soft tissue to really realign the spine or the body – could be any joint, not only the spine. Most chiropractors are thought of as only spine doctors but we actually work with all joints of the body. Once again, we’re increasing function to make sure that the athlete is functioning optimally.

What tips do you give your athletes to help them avoid injuries?

Dr. Chris Serafini: Many people might not know this but there are many professional athletic teams or just athletes in general that use chiropractors or have a chiropractor on staff – NFL, Major League Baseball, NBA, NHL, Olympic athletes. Many of them, majority, have some sort of chiropractor that they use. What chiropractors are doing, we’re working with chiropractic adjustments. Maybe we’re working with muscle testing, cold light lasers.

We try to teach our athletes the benefits of chiropractic care and plus we try to teach them different modifications they can sometimes use to properly do a motion so that they don’t get a repetitive motion issue or lack of stability with certain movements that they’re doing. We try to really work on that athlete by assessing them first, figuring out what their problems might be and then putting together a plan of attack on trying to address those problems.

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