Spinal Adjustment: What You Should Know About the Gonstead Technique

It can be frustrating to try doctor after doctor for your back pain, and never seem to get long-term, lasting results. The spine is an extremely complex structure, and it takes a doctor with specific knowledge and skill to be able to accurately adjust all the vertebrae for optimal comfort and spinal health. 

At Valley Spinal Care Kierland in Kierland Commons, Scottsdale, Arizona, Dr. Chris Serafini can provide precise chiropractic spinal adjustments through the scientifically based Gonstead Technique, delivering maximized correction of your vertebrae and lasting comfort and pain relief. 

Spinal subluxation

Subluxation is a term often used to describe the partial dislocation of a joint. When used in reference to the spine, it describes a bone in the spinal column that has moved out of alignment, causing significant pain due to pinched nerves. Accidents, injuries, and certain activities can lead to the vertebrae subluxation that causes this nerve interference.   

Spinal Adjustment

Spinal adjustment is designed to help relieve your neck and back pain, improving muscle movement and increasing your mobility and strength. When the spine is strong and pain free, a host of other issues can resolve, leaving you feeling well and able to return to your normal activities. 

The Gonstead Technique

At Valley Spinal Care Kierland, our entire team, led by Dr. Chris Serafina, is trained in the Gonstead Technique. This method of correcting subluxation has five key steps.

  1. X Rays are completed to give a full view of the spine from all angles, to secure an accurate diagnosis of which vertebrae are causing the problem. 
  2. Palpitation allows subluxation to be detected with both a manual examination and a motion palpitation.
  3. Instrumentation requires a probe to be used to get temperature readings from different parts of the spine. Increased temperature readings indicate inflammation. 
  4. Visualization permits your doctor to get to know your posture, gait, and confirm the diagnosis provided by the other forms of examination.
  5. Case management is the ongoing monitoring of your condition through adjustment and beyond, to assure pain symptoms are decreased and your adjustment is a success. 

Application of the adjustment is done precisely, with your practitioner placing your body in a biomechanically correct position, then using their hands in a carefully calculated thrust. This repositions the misaligned vertebrae and relieves the nerve compression.  

If you are ready to finally get treatment for your spine that works, contact our office at 480-500-7836 to make an appointment at our Kierland Commons chiropractic office today. 

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