Results with Gonstead Technique

Can you please explain what the Gonstead Technique is and how it is unique to chiropractic care?

Dr. Chris Serafini: The Gonstead Technique was developed by a Dr. Gonstead. He was a mechanical engineer before he ever got into chiropractic. He took all of his knowledge of mechanical engineering and he applied it to the spine. Dr. Gonstead was very influential in chiropractic. The actual extra analysis that he came up with is taught throughout all of the chiropractic schools in the country and it’s really a foundational analysis that we all use. It’s very unique in the sense that it’s very specific in nature and there’s a five part criteria that go into the analysis when you’re dealing with a patient and using the Gonstead Technique.

Is the Gonstead technique performed only on the spine or on other areas of the body as well?

Dr. Chris Serafini: Yeah, on the spine primarily but definitely in extremity work. We would work on shoulders and knees, wrists, things like that, elbows, but also the pelvis too. Dr. Gonstead was very influential in analyzing the pelvis. Nobody in chiropractic, up until the point that Dr. Gonstead started working with the pelvis, nobody did work with the pelvis at that point. Because of his engineering background, he knew that the foundation of the spine was ultimately the pelvis. He determined if the pelvis is off, then the rest of the spine will be off as well. He studied on cadavers – the pelvis for seven years before he ever even got into adjusting it but he wanted to study it and analyze it. Dr. Gonstead was the first doctor in chiropractic to start to work with the pelvis.

How soon after treatment do patients feel pain relief?

Dr. Chris Serafini: Great question. It varies. A lot of times, immediate relief. I have patients literally as soon as you give them an adjustment, they feel immediate relief. Sometimes minutes, sometimes hours, sometimes days. It depends on, once again, overall condition and overall health and issues that they have going on in their spine. It can vary. We do have videos on our website where you can see patients with frozen shoulder syndrome, that can’t really hardly move their arm at all. Minutes later, we take an after video and you can see they have full range of motion. Once again, that’s a pretty immediate response.

Can the Gonstead Technique be performed on patients of all ages?

Dr. Chris Serafini: Absolutely. It’s a great question. A lot of time, patients … Everybody is a patient to me. A lot of times, individuals aren’t sure if children can be adjusted. They absolutely can. They all have spines. Whether you’re two months old or two hundred years old, everybody is going to have a spine. We use the term “from the womb to the tomb,” kind of funny, but we joke around about that. I actually adjusted my little girl when she was five days old. The adjustment for an infant or a child is very different than a normal adult. It’s usually just light pressure. It’s not your stereotypical adjustment that you would think an adult gets. Absolutely, patients of all ages can get adjusted. We recommend it actually!

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