Real Food, Exercise and Chiropractic

Eating real, chemical-free food that is also GMO-free, getting effective exercise and visiting the chiropractor are all ways to live a healthier life.

What do you consider to be real food versus not real food?

Dr. Chris Serafini: This is an interesting question when you ask this. I think if you had asked our grandparents what is real food versus not real food, they probably would’ve looked at you a little confused. They didn’t have these issues back then. I’d say real food would consist of things that are organic, they’re chemical free, they’re GMO free. It’s just real food is truly that, it’s real food. It hasn’t been tampered with. It hasn’t been altered.

Can eating a diet with more real food make a difference in our health?

Dr. Chris Serafini: Once again, I think this is a great question. I would answer it a little differently. I would say, can eating a diet with less chemicals, preservatives, GMO’s, herbicides, pesticides, can that make a difference in our health? I think that the answer is obvious, of course it would. Once again, if you asked our grandparents about organic food they probably wouldn’t know what you were talking about. It’s just unfortunate that I think big business has gotten a hold of our food and has altered it in more ways than we realize. It’s affecting us on a day-to-day basis with our health.

What role does chiropractic care play in healthy eating?

Dr. Chris Serafini: A lot of people don’t understand that chiropractors are really educated in nutrition. Your medical doctors sometimes don’t have very much education in nutrition and in supplementation where chiropractors do. It’s a real strength to chiropractic education as a whole. Our job as chiropractors is to educate patients on proper dietary habits and supplementation which in turn really plays a key role in healthy eating and really reversing health-related issues that they could have.

Can chiropractors recommend the most effective exercise plan based on an individual’s unique body?

Dr. Chris Serafini: I think a lot of times people may not know this but most chiropractors have some sort of license or certification in physiotherapy. I certainly do. We have a license in physiotherapy or physical medicine and rehabilitation. I also have a background in personal training. As far as all those credentials go, very effective on recommendations according to the person’s unique body. Every body needs a little bit different recommendation as far as what their abilities are or aren’t, what their health is or isn’t. We do this on a day-to-day basis at our office. We give patients exercises so they can perform them on their own outside of the office. As far as our training, very effective on recommending exercise.

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