Proper Spine and Pelvis Alignment

Proper spine and pelvis alignment can improve your range of motion, sports performance, and your body’s overall function. It can also prevent hip, knee and ankle problems.

What are some indicators that your spine and pelvis are not in proper alignment?

Dr. Chris Serafini: Most of the time it’s really a pain or discomfort that the patient will notice but it can also be a postural asymmetry they might notice as far as having a higher or lower hip. Maybe you feel like a rotated feeling. A lot of times patients will say that “I feel like I’m rotated.” Decreased range of motion. Also knee pain is a common symptom as well. If the pelvis is out, it works its way down to that knee joint and they can experience knee or foot and ankle problems too.

Can you explain the connection between the spinal joints, the vertebrae and the nervous system?

Dr. Chris Serafini: Sure. The vertebral column consists of different vertebrae, there are actually 24. The nervous system is housed inside that vertebral column so it goes down between the vertebrae. When a vertebra meets another vertebra then that would be considered a spinal joint. The whole entire column is a bunch of vertebrae, each one meets another vertebra. That’s a spinal joint and it’s all housing the nervous system.

How do chiropractic adjustments help with improving alignment?

Dr. Chris Serafini: The answer is kind of obvious but they improve alignment by the chiropractic adjustment realigning the bones. When the bones get shifted out of position, that’s the job of the chiropractor to detect that. And then using the tools that we have, we try to realign the bone in its proper position. It’s very important to understand that bone must go a certain direction in order to realign it.

Is it true that a properly aligned spine can help improve someone’s sports performance?

Dr. Chris Serafini: Absolutely. We see lots of athletes in the office, everywhere from professional athletes to weekend warriors. Always remember, structure determines the function of something. Just like the structure of a building will determine its function or the structure of a bridge will determine its function. The structure of your spine and bones will also determine a body’s function as well. Think of it like if an athlete has any type of misalignment. They could have asymmetries, they could have decreased range of motion, once gain postural problems, pain, decrease in strength. Think of it like the alignment on your car. If the front end alignment is off on the car you’re going to wear out your tires. You don’t have, per se, a tire problem, you have an alignment problem. When we fix those alignments, ultimately that athlete is going to perform better.

How often should people get their spine checked and adjusted?

Dr. Chris Serafini: Once again, another very good question. It depends. It depends on the overall health and condition of that person’s spine. I have certain patients that come in once a week. I have certain patients that come in once a month and everywhere in between. It just depends on the overall health and condition of the person’s spine. Some patients just really like to get adjusted every week and if they’re not too bad and their spine is fairly healthy, we recommend once a month.

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