The Top 3 Auto Accident Injuries

The three most common injuries sustained in an auto accident would be: Neck pain Low back pain Headaches The treatment for these injuries in our office would be chiropractic adjustments. Most of the time, with most chiropractors, unless there is…
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Auto Accident Injury Care

Being involved in an auto accident can result in injuries you don’t even know you have. A chiropractor will look for and treat any inflammation and muscle or soft tissue damage that could lead to bigger issues if left untreated.…
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Tips for Building Stronger Bones with Exercise

Wolff’s Law states wherever you put more pressure on bones, the body will build more bone there. This law explains why any weight-bearing exercise is going to help build stronger bones, as long as there is some weight involved other…
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Weight-Bearing Exercises for Strong Bones

Incorporating weight-bearing exercises such as squats and burpees into your daily routine will help build and maintain strong and healthy bones. How do you define what a weight-bearing exercise is and how does it make bones stronger? Dr. Chris Serafini:…
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5 Things You Can Do to Stay Safe and Healthy at Work

Understand office ergonomics. Try and use common sense to situate your workstation so it is most beneficial to you as the worker in front of it. Understand ergonomic injuries. What are the most common musculoskeletal problems that you can get…
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