Need to Relax or Reboot? Learn How BrainTap®️ Can Help

Are you trying to overcome a bad habit, engage in positive thinking, gain a healthy and vital life, keep your golf drive from hooking to the left? BrainTap®️ therapy could be for you. The treatment uses sound, music, and spoken words to train and relax your brain. It’s a treatment that the team at Valley Spinal Care Kierland, in Scottsdale, Arizona, is happy to offer. Here’s how BrainTap therapy can help you become the best you.

What is BrainTap therapy?

BrainTap therapy uses a special headset that delivers pulses of light synchronized with beats and tones that help you relax and access different states of consciousness.

Studies have shown that flickering light and synchronized tones, by themselves, can produce a relaxing state. Together, light and sound can produce a heightened state of relaxation and rejuvenation in just 20 minutes, less time than it would take to meditate.

BrainTap therapy can:

What happens during a BrainTap therapy session?

Sessions begin with the BrainTap headset visor placed over your eyes and its headphones over your ears.

You’ll see a light show, hear special music, and be guided by the spoken word. All this increases alpha/theta brainwaves, which helps you access your natural creativity and visualize and realize your goals. Some people say during sessions, it feels like the body is asleep while the mind is wide awake. 

BrainTap therapy helps you make thought and behavior changes by letting you mentally rehearse new behaviors and attitudes. You’ll visualize new responses to old behavioral triggers.

The BrainTap website says that over 90% of people who try BrainTap therapy for the first time feel “refreshed and energized.” Many people say they feel more motivated after only a couple of sessions.

Are you a good candidate for BrainTap therapy?

If you’ve got a generally healthy brain, you’re a good candidate for BrainTap therapy. If, however, you suffer from epilepsy, seizure disorder, photosensitivity, or brain injury, then flashing lights may cause you problems.

If you want to change a bad habit, achieve positive thinking, enhance learning, or even master a sport, BrainTap therapy could be for you.

At Valley Spinal Care Kierland, Dr. Chris Serafini and his team of professionals care about your health and well-being. If you think BrainTap therapy can help you change old habits and attitudes, visit our website for more information. Then call 480-500-7836 or send us a message to schedule an appointment today.

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