Identifying and Treating Scoliosis

Scoliosis Treatment

Before you begin treating a patient with curvature of the spine, you really have to analyze the severity of the scoliosis. What are their symptoms? How much curvature angle do they have? Those are the kinds of issues you have to address first.

Once you identify the severity of the scoliosis, there are very specific adjustments you can do, as well as very specific exercises you can do, and very specific equipment that you can use in order to try to change the curves.

Our goals are to stop it, reverse it, or, at the very least, slow it down.

The spine does not need to be absolutely straight for a patient to do well. Many times, the body can compensate and stabilize itself. Even though it is crooked, it is stable. And if it has compensated correctly, that is your goal.

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