Healthy Living Habits

Healthy Living

The start of a new season brings awareness of the things that you may like to do in the coming months. Along with the goals you set and plans you make this fall, take time for yourself and make HEALTH part of your every day for the upcoming months. We are faced with so many demands of our time and attention that it becomes vital to pause. Consider incorporating lifestyle habits that will allow you to reap rewards in the long term. Try adding these few tips into your days and your health will thank you!

Start With Breakfast
Breakfast is an easy meal to skip, however, doing so can be the biggest mistake of the day! Your energy level will suffer and you’ll eat more during the day to compensate for your hunger. The National Weight Control Registry reports that 4000 participants who maintained at least a 30 pound weight loss for about 5 1/2 years, almost ALL said that they ate breakfast daily. The “breakfast of champions” has complex carbs, lean proteins & healthy fats.  A terrific option for a healthy breakfast on the go is a shake or smoothie with yogurt, leafy greens, fruits, and hemp seeds.

Do Something About The Aches 
It is found that four in five people suffer from back pain. It may actually begin to seem “normal” to deal with chronic pain on a daily basis. Back pain, headaches, carpal tunnel, knee pain, any chronic pain can affect EVERYTHING in our lives. See your chiropractor for natural treatments to help your body heal and all aspects of your life will improve.

Say No
It is key to understand that in reality, you can’t have it all. Something has to give. There is just too much to do to have it all. Stop saying “yes” to everything.  Admit that every “yes” means a “no” to something else. Saying “yes” to too many things will destroy your health and lead to failure. Someone or something will pay the price later, always. Sometimes less is more!

Make Health a Priority
You’ve probably heard the adage, “If you have your health, then you have it all.” Our bodies should be routinely “maintained and tuned up” just as we maintain our vehicles to keep things running properly and getting the best performance. Fuel and maintain your body with more sanctity. Make smart food choices and make time for exercise and quality sleep.

Try a simple technique to release stress and anxiety. When feeling uneasy about a tricky situation or after a tough day, a simple technique is to BREATHE DEEP. Push out your belly and breathe through your nose until your lungs are filled. This super stress buster can be done anytime and anywhere and evokes your body’s natural relaxation response and changes your physical and mental state. Your heart beats slower, muscles relax, blood pressure decreases, and levels of nitric oxide increase. Your brain is clearer and this simple trick takes almost no time to work. Share this health tip with family and friends of all ages for the next time they feel stressed. The mantra is BREATHE!

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