Golf Fitness – Improve Performance and Avoid Injury

Chiropractors can help golfers improve their game and avoid injury with chiropractic adjustments, exercises and cold light laser therapy.

You served as the official chiropractor for the Gateway Pro Golf Tour. What were some of the common problems the golfers had and what were some of the ways you were able to help them?

Dr. Chris Serafini: Actually, the most common problems for golfers are wrist problems, hip problems, and low back. Although they can certainly vary, knees, shoulders, neck, mid back, those kinds of things are common as well. But those big three that I first mentioned, that’s the most common.

As far as treatment options and how we are able to help them, adjustments are fantastic, especially if they have biomechanical problems. Specific exercises that we’ll do with them and rehab exercises. The cold light laser works fantastic. We use that with many of our golfers with fantastic results.

What chiropractic treatments do you regularly use to help golfers improve their range of motion, strength, and coordination?

Dr. Chris Serafini: We use adjustments, exercises and cold light laser. I reference cold light laser and that is extremely important. The reason why is because you’re going to increase strength. You’re going to increase range of motion and increase coordination. You’re going to increase healing times about 50%-75% faster if they have any tendinitis ligament issues. For those types of issues, we’re going to be able to help them significantly quicker. All of those, you wrap them all into one. The golfer comes out of the office much better than he walked in, believe me.

Now, can these treatments also help a golfer improve their swing?

Dr. Chris Serafini: Absolutely. When we reference the treatment that we do, we are going to increase, once again, range of motion, strength, coordination; we’re going to decrease pain. All of those are obviously going to improve their swings.

How do your chiropractic treatments and therapies help golfers avoid injury?

Dr. Chris Serafini: Because of the nature of golf, it’s a repetitive motion swing or exercise, we’re going to minimize the effects of that repetitive motion. When anybody does something over and over and over thousands of times, a lot of the times it can set you up for certain injuries. So, if we’re able to work with them using the therapies I reference, adjustments, cold light lasers and exercises, we are going to minimize those effects.

Lastly, if a golfer does suffer an injury, in what ways can you help rehabilitate them to get them back out on the course?

Dr. Chris Serafini: We’re going to use adjustments. We’re going to use physical therapy exercises that are not overdoing them. And also, once again, the cold light laser. Cold light laser is going to increase healing times 50% to 75% faster. The normal healing time of the body is kind of slow in certain instances often times. So, the cold light laser is going to increase that healing time.

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