Do You Have Muscle or Joint Pain?

Muscle and Joint
Applied Kinesiology Can Help!

Applied Kinesiology can be used in the treatment of many different conditions. The best results are often seen with muscle and joint pain, head and neck problems, shoulder pain, hip pain, back pain, knee pain, etc…

Applied Kinesiology is a holistic diagnostic tool that allows the practitioner to have a dialog with the patient’s body through a manual muscle test. In Applied Kinesiology, every muscle correlates with a specific organ system, gland or meridian system.

Through proper use of manual muscle tests along with standard diagnosis you effectively assess and treat the patient’s chemical, emotional and structural health.

Natural relief can be as simple as visiting your chiropractor! Call us if you are experiencing a health issue that you may not even see listed here. Digestion issues and weight issues are also very common conditions that chiropractic care can help you with. Valley Spinal Care Kierland may be the answer to your problem!

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