Back Pain: Causes and Treatments

There are different types of pain that people experience in their back. A chiropractor will provide a thorough examination and take X-rays to discover the source of the pain and provide treatment to help achieve lasting pain relief.

Many people suffer from low back pain. Is it the most common type of back pain and what are the most common causes of it?

Dr. Chris Serafini: I would say it is pretty common. It is probably the most common that comes into our office. The most common cause of back pain, in general, is really injury. Some sort of trauma happens to the joint. It is a bio-mechanical misalignment. It’s kind of like a misalignment on the front end of your car. Over a period of time, the tires are going to start to wear and tear. The car might start to pull to the side. But it’s all starting from really a misalignment issue.

But also, you have overuse issues like repetitive motion. Just a normal wear and tear of being on planet earth, and a gravity bearing creature. Also, poor posture, bad sleeping habits. But really the biggest one is the big traumas that we have and a lot of people kind of don’t look a little deep into what the traumas could be that they think might be an issue. They obviously associate like car accidents and things like that but slips and falls and sporting injuries; it doesn’t mean you had to break a bone or go to the hospital from it either but it can lead to long-term problems.

What are some other common forms of back pain and their causes?

Dr. Chris Serafini: Other common forms, I’d say, are neck pain, mid back pain, sciatica does originate from the back, typically, and headaches. Causes from those would be things like I had mentioned previously but also scoliosis, osteoarthritis, disc degeneration, degenerative disc disease, those kinds of things.

If someone has back pain that isn’t the result of a recent injury, what steps are involved in determining the cause?

Dr. Chris Serafini: In our office we really perform a really good consult with the patient. A lot of times patients kind of, like I said, they overlook things. They don’t really connect the dots to think that something happened many years ago could be affecting them currently. Also, a really good exam. We do an exam with every patient consisting of orthopedic tests, neurological exams, posture analysis, range of motion. We’re also going to look at X-ray. That’s probably one of our best tools. I mean you look at an X-ray of the spine, it’s a black and white picture of the spine. Some chiropractors don’t take X-rays. I highly, highly advise anybody out there who’s listening, to see a chiropractor that takes an X-ray. If you call yourself a professional of the spine, you’ll want to have a blueprint to work from. But I’d say most often it’s really from injuries. That’s really what causes the patients to have their issues.

What are the most current and effective treatments for low back pain?

Dr. Chris Serafini: I’d say, I know I’m a chiropractor but I’ll just be honest, 16 years of experience, I’ve seen thousands and thousands of patients and adjusting patients’ spines is phenomenal. You get fantastic results with doing that. Once again, the main issue here is it’s a biomechanical misalignment of the bone which now puts pressure on discs and nerves. Once you move that bone back to its proper position, you take the pressure off the discs and the nerves. It’s very, very effective. That’s why you see chiropractors all over the place.

Another treatment would be spinal decompression. That’s fantastic as well. You’re actually distracting the spine, trying to create a negative pressure within that disc to suck the disc matter back in. Also, physical therapy. We perform all these services in our office but physical therapy is a good treatment as well. And, lastly, I would say cold light laser. We have probably about $40,000 worth of lasers at our office and we are constantly using them every day.

For someone with chronic back pain, is it possible to find relief through treatment and therapy? If so, what is a typical treatment protocol that they should try?

Dr. Chris Serafini: I’d say absolutely if you have chronic pain you can find relief. We see this every day in our office. You can go online and read our reviews. There are plenty of people that have commented on their particular progress in our office. They have had decades of pain and now they don’t have any. The treatments they should try, I kind of mentioned before, but really find yourself a quality chiropractor and I do say quality. Also, physical therapy, decompression, spinal decompression. Avoid the activities that aggravate your back pain. I know that kind of sounds obvious but sometimes patients overlook it.

I would also say frequency of treatment is important. Don’t expect to have pain for years and years and years or decades and expect one or two treatments is going fix you. It’s not going to happen. There’s not a doctor in the world that’s going to fix you overnight. So, frequency of treatment is important.

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