3 Major Causes of Lower Back Pain and How to Best Treat Them

Chances are, you’re going to suffer from back pain at some point in your life. Up to 80% of Americans feel discomfort and disability due to issues in their back. These issues range from acute injuries, such as strains or sprains, to degenerative changes that occur with aging.

Lower back pain can occur due to dozens of different issues. Three of the most common causes of lower back pain are treatable with therapies that we offer at Valley Spinal Care Kierland. If you have lower back pain, see us so you can learn the source of your pain and get the right treatment.

Sprains and strains

The majority of sudden lower back pain cases are due to strains or sprains. You can tear or overstretch connective tissue, such as ligaments, tendons, and muscles in your back. This causes temporary pain and, sometimes, immobility.

Acute injuries may occur when you lift something too heavy, overstretch, twist, or lift something improperly (using your back instead of your legs). Symptoms include pain, spasms, and inflammation in your back.

Rest is a great way to resolve low back pain due to sprains and strains. At Valley Spinal Care Kierland, we also offer these therapies to help you heal faster:


Disc issues

Between each of your vertebra rests the spinal discs. The discs allow your body to bend, flex, and twist — making them a good body design for movement.

These discs are like a jelly doughnut with a tough exterior and squishy inside. If pinched or compressed, some of the internal disc fluid can leak out and irritate nearby nerves. Nerve pressure can cause traveling pain down your leg (or legs) or into your shoulders and arms.

The integrity of these discs fails with time too. As they age, discs can lose their cushioning and flexing ability.

Degeneration of the discs occurs because your back undergoes a good deal of stress and wear-and-tear over the years. The weight of your upper body invariably puts pressure on these discs so that with time, they deteriorate.

Cold laser therapy, Spinal Decompression and spinal manipulation can help ease the pain caused by disc issues. We analyze your pain to determine what other therapies can also offer relief.

Spinal stenosis

Spinal stenosis is caused by the narrowing of the space where the nerves come out.  This is a result of bone overgrowth. Usually, spinal stenosis is caused by bone spurs resulting from osteoarthritis. There are many surgical and non-surgical options to help treat spinal stenosis. One surgical option is spinal decompression surgery. During spinal decompression surgery, the surgeon creates space on your spinal canal in an attempt to relieve the pressure caused by spinal stenosis.

A few non-surgical options for you include:

Not every treatment is right for each patient; therefore, we review your condition to develop a treatment plan tailored to you. So, if you are suffering from back pain, please reach out to us.  Dr. Chris Serafini, DC at Valley Spinal Care Kierland can diagnose the cause of your back pain and start creating a personalized plan. Call today to book an appointment and start on your journey to better health.

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