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I started seeing Dr. Serafini in early May 2015 for foot/ankle pain, and some lower back discomfort. My primary concern was the significant foot and ankle pain I was still experiencing after an Aug. 2014 surgical repair of a broken ankle and ruptured tendons. I’m an active person who loves to hike, mountain bike, strength train, and practice yoga and pilates, and I have already been through an extensive period of recovery and physical therapy, so anything that continues to keep me off my feet is profoundly frustrating to me. At the time I made my first appointment with Dr. Serafini, I was desperate for a solution that would get me back to my normal activities. I had already consulted my orthopedic surgeon, who simply suggested more stretching, which seemed to aggravate my foot and ankle pain more than help it. Dr. Serafini has been treating me for three months as I write this, and my foot/ankle and back are hugely improved. I appreciate his thorough assessment techniques and his careful approach to treatment. He’s a very good listener and he adjusts his treatment methodology based on how I’m feeling on a particular day, and where I am having pain or soreness. I was so impressed that I invited Dr. Serafini to come into my office to give a wellness presentation–he’s an energetic speaker and was a huge hit. It was a very informational hour and time well-spent. I highly recommend Dr. Serafini and his wonderful staff!

Lori from Yelp

Dr. Chris Serafini, of VSC Wellness Center is a primary HEALTH-care provider who provides a wide dimension of chiropractic care, involving a broad variety of techniques and current methodologies represented by the latest chiropractic research. His overall knowledge base and passion for his patients and profession are unparalleled. As a strength coach and personal trainer for 11 years, I have continually referred my clients and athletes to Dr. Chris Serafini for their HEALTH-care needs, all of which have agreed to my quoting him as “a magician of healthcare.” It is incredible to witness the improvements of strength and overall well-being in my clients and athletes who are regularly under the care of Dr. Chris. His patients’ health and overall wellness are his #1 priority. Personally, I used to suffer from constant migraines and low back pain. As a patient of Dr. Chris, my low back pain has disappeared and I have yet to experience a migraine since beginning my healthcare with him 3 years ago which has allowed me to enjoy my active lifestyle again. I have had the privilege of experiencing great improvement in overall muscular strength, range of motion, and an overall feeling of wellness. I highly recommend anybody and everybody, regardless of age, lifestyle, pre-existing conditions, etc. to experience the difference of Valley Spinal Care and Dr. Chris Serafini for their primary healthcare needs.

– Derek A. Klier B.S., CSCS, PES

In July of 2011 I was not having a fun time working out—my trainer at the time insisted I see Dr. Chris Serafini, an established chiropractor whom my trainer had been seeing for his own issues. At the time, I had not had a good experience with chiropractors. But since my trainer was less than half my age and far bigger, I decided to take his advice and see Dr. Chris. I’ve been a patient there ever since and am thrilled. Dr. Chris is more than a chiropractor. His knowledge of the body, of how to holistically look at various physical and what we might call medical issues, his knowledge of how to diagnose what is going on—is simply amazing. He is not only professional, expert, right on target—but within a week of seeing him (every day to begin with) my initial problem was addressed. Some other issues cropped up but Dr. Chris (and I) hung in there. By early Fall, I was feeling rather fit! Then I had some additional issues that didn’t appear to me to be chiropractic in nature—I was getting very lightheaded and had two episodes of Vertigo. Dr. Chris did a few of his muscle tests and other tests and thought it could be a weakness of my adrenal glands—apparently something not uncommon for anyone no matter the age. He recommended some specific supplements and within a week—no more dizzy, lightheaded or Vertigo! Dr. Chris also has an expert Physical Therapist who helps with trigger point therapy, stretching, locating places on my back/shoulders/legs that needed some focus. An amazing office of professionals and now friends. I couldn’t recommend him more highly. I go every week for adjustments and discussion about what’s going on with my body. I am on supplements that are right on target for addressing health and well-being, all suggested by Dr. Chris. He’s a pro and I would strongly recommend him and his staff.

Nancy Clare Stern

I would like to commend Dr. Chris Serafini on his vast knowledge of chiropractic care and his ability to improve the health of his patients. As a personal trainer, I often see things such as muscular imbalances, impaired nerve function, postural problems, joint dysfunction, digestion and sleep problems, adrenal dysfunction, and metabolic or hormones inadequacies. Any of these conditions can affect the results I am able to deliver to my clients. With the help and expertise of Dr. Serafini’s treatments, ALL of the clients I have referred to him have not only felt better and improved several aspects of their health, but in turn seen greater results from my training as well. Even as my client’s “symptoms” disappear, they continue to get regular treatments from Dr. Serafini as part of their approach to maintain wellness. They learn to view chiropractic care as a “tune up” just as one would do regular maintenance on their car to keep it running optimally. Remember, symptoms are our body’s way of telling us something is out of balance. We want to stay in good balance BEFORE symptoms appear. I trust Dr. Serafini with my own body and that of my client’s. It is difficult to find a chiropractor that you know will have your best interest at heart. Dr. Serafini is true health advocate and professional. I would recommend him to anyone!

Julie Jepson Certified Personal Trainer

My name is Chase Cronk and I play professional golf. I’ve been going to Dr. Chris for a few years and we just recently started working with laser technology. I must say that at the beginning I was skeptical but after working with the laser I began to see instant results. My body began communicating much more efficiently. I noticed better ball striking immediately, and even more focus mentally. I had my best finish as a pro finishing third after shooting a sixty-six immediately after working with the laser. I must say that I am extremely satisfied and would recommend this form of treatment to anyone! Thanks for everything Dr. Chris!

Chase Cronk Pro Golfer

During my time in Arizona, I was introduced to Dr. Serafini. We met at the gym where I happened to be a personal trainer. Becoming increasingly interested in Chiropractic I had the privilege to shadow him. Educating me in Chiropractic care and its benefits, I started to refer my clients to Dr. Serafini. One of the clients that I referred had pain and decreased strength in their shoulder. With their regularly scheduled Chiropractic care I noticed my clients decreased pain, increased shoulder strength, and the ability to complete a variety of exercises. My client was happier and more energetic during our workouts. The continuous care from Dr. Serafini did wonders that exercises alone couldn’t do. Where invasive surgery would have taken many months spent with recovery and physical therapy, chiropractic care maintained their base level of strength and allowed them to still take part in regular daily exercise. I firmly believe that chiropractic care, nutrition, and regular exercise give us the best combination possible to maintain both our physical and mental health. Dr. Serafini incorporates all of those aspects along with patient education into his practice and I believe that’s what makes him the outstanding Doctor of Chiropractic and person that he is.

Ryan E. Weaver ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

Things really do happen for a reason. My brother recently broke his foot and at the time I thought that it was an unfortunate accident. Fast forward a few weeks and my view has changed. Andrew Kish, Thank you for breaking your foot. Sounds, odd, I know, but, listen …. He flew home to Phoenix this past week only for a few days in order to look at houses. While visiting he stayed with his friend, Dr. Chris Serafini. Dr. Chris is a Chiropractor, an amazing one I must add. I went to see my brother on Friday night before he had to leave the next morning to fly back to London. While I was there Chris brought out his laser that he typically keeps at work, however, he brought it home to use on my brother’s foot in order to speed up the healing process. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time. I explained to Chris that I have been suffering for several years now with immobility issues in my right shoulder region. I told him that it’s as though my pec muscle won’t stretch back far enough to feel a release so to speak and it feels stuck. Anyone that really knows me is aware that weight lifting and working out has been my life for a very long time. Not being able to lift and workout like I want to and like I used to has really impacted me mentally and obviously physically. I have basically been going through the motions and doing what I can in the gym for the past 3 to 5 years. I have been to massage therapists, other chiropractors, and a physical therapist. All of them told me that I have tight muscles and I need to stretch. Well, that wasn’t working. Then came Chris. He looked at me and said “You have scar tissue in your pec region from your surgery years back.” Bewildered I said “How on earth could scar tissue in my lower pec region cause my shoulder to be messed up? Chris went on to explain the reasoning and took the laser that Andy was using and aimed it at my chest while I attempted to stretch my arm back. After 2 minutes my pec literally began to stretch back. I was AMAZED! Ashley Kirby and Alana Serafini were witnesses. For the first time in years I could “feel the stretch” that was inhibiting me so bad. So, I owe a huge Thank you to my brother for breaking his foot because if he hadn’t, Chris wouldn’t have brought his laser home that night. Also, a huge Thank you to Chris for his miracle work. If anyone is in need of a Chiropractor that does much more than spinal adjustment, go see Chris, he is passionate and extremely good at what he does!

Elizabeth Kish

If you have chronic pain and modern medicine hasn’t managed to help reduce it or give you reason for hope, please go see this man, Dr. Serafini. I have been in pain for 35 years (I’m 67 years old). The pain started in the knees, then the hips, and lower back. In those 35 years modern medicine has diagnosed me with osteoarthritis, not having osteoarthritis, having restless leg syndrome, having fibromyalgia, and even one doctor said it’s all in my mind. I have taken too many drugs to name here to help mitigate the pain. When I first went to see Dr. Serafini I was using a Fentanyl patch to help manage the pain. My usual pain levels, on the 1-10 scale, ranged from 2 to 6. Sometimes the pain would get as high as 7 or 8 and kept me from sleeping. I was in a situation where when I awoke and got up, I never knew if it was going to be a “good day” or a “bad day” and my back pain usually prevented me from standing up straight for maybe an hour. The Fentanyl patch is the best that medicine can do. I’ve been on the patch for about 7 years and over this time I’ve slowly lost weight from 185 to 135 lbs ( the meds kills the appetite). Over the years I have seen perhaps 15 doctors and hoping to find a better solution to help me. When my wife suggested I go see Dr. Serafini, a Chiropractor, I was dismissive and very skeptical. But, I went to see him two months ago and BOY WAS I WRONG!!!! For two months I have made regular visits to Dr. Serafini and done physical therapy with Brian’s help. Now, while I am still using the Fentanyl patch, I now usually wake up with no back pain. I can immediately stand up straight and my daily pain levels are much more stable. The pain now ranges from 2 to 3, with a high of 4 on the pain scale (1-10).I am not usually one to mince words so let me just say I was happily shocked and amazed that I felt so much better in such a short time. Please, please listen to me! If you are in pain go see Dr. Chris. He may even be able to help your tinnitus, too, as he has helped mine. I had very bad tinnitus in my left ear and while it is still present, it is much more tolerable and easier to tune out. Before you give up hope of finding relief for your chronic pain please give Dr. Serafini an opportunity to help you. You may, as I was, be pleasantly surprised.


I began seeing Dr. Serafini last Fall 2014, reluctantly, as my experience with chiropractic care over the years had been fruitless. I have been living with headaches most of my life and have sought various means of controlling them from medication to acupuncture only to give up hope of a solution. I noticed a sign on his office for Trigger Point Workshops and I remembered having had some success in the past with trigger point work. I’m very glad that I took a chance and tried again. I don’t know exactly how Dr. Serafini does what he does, though he certainly makes every effort at thoroughly explaining how he does it. I just know that he has helped me. I cannot say that I am headache free but the intensity and frequency of the annoyance of headaches has greatly diminished. I also brought my son to see Dr. Serafini. He had injured his shoulder in a fall. Orthopedic doctors had reached the point of recommending surgery for him when we decided to try Dr. Serafini. It wasn’t easy or quick, but my son’s shoulder has normal range of motion now without surgical intervention. Dr. Serfini uses techniques and therapies that are uniquely intuitive and effective. That’s the part I don’t understand but I don’t have to know how a computer works in order to use it effectively. I can now say that chiropractic care works. I never thought I would say that. And I must also compliment him on his staff. Sherry and Patty are always helpful and cheerful. And I can’t say enough about Brian who manages the physical therapy part. Again, I’m not sure how he does what he does, but it works and he has the same empathetic awareness of where the problem is. He has an easy going, engaging manner that especially put my son at ease. If other chiropractors have fallen short or your expectations, I recommend Valley Spinal Care as the last chiropractor you will ever need.

Anne from Yelp

…Dr Chris has bent over backwards to help my family and find solutions to all 4 of my family members to be able to be treated! Dr Chris adjusted my newborn twins when they were 5 days old and came to me, as I was unable to come to see him at the time. He is SO knowledgeable and precise on his treatments, I believe he is the ONLY chiropractor in town that can heal your aches and ailments and KEEP you pain free. Other chiropractors do unnecessary adjustments, which don’t hold, and will leave you needing to go back again and again. Dr Chris’ form of treatment will help your adjustments last and improve many other aspects of your health and wellness. No other doctor is as thorough and so invested in your overall health and that is PRICELESS. He is worth every penny and as far from “money hungry” as a person can get.

Julie from Google

Even though I don’t live in AZ anymore, I always go see Dr. Serafini when I’m in town. In fact, he’s the only chiropractor I will see! He is professional and courteous, and most importantly, he knows how to get my body feeling good again. I’m glad I have found such an excellent chiropractor who I can depend on!!

Shere from Yelp

Dr. S is the best chiropractor I have ever seen and with over 50 yrs of chiropractic help.I went in barely able to walk and am fully active again. He knows his anatomy and keeps up with his ever changing field.. He has awesome PT and office help. If I didn’t have great chiropractic help I would wind up needlessly on a surgical table. Give him a chance and he can change your life! Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know.

Nancy from Google

Dr. Christopher Serafini is the BEST of the BEST. I have been to many other doctors who were chiropractors but never have had the results I got from Dr Chris Serafine. Seeing the xrays of my lower back and neck and how they needed treatment, after 20 years of running an office and sitting in front of a computer was an eye opener for me. I am amazed at how much better I feel. I do deep water and shallow water aerobics on a regular basis and now with a greater ease. He truly changed my life for the better. He takes the time to discuss your condition thoroughly makes sure you understand what will be accomplished with the treatments. He has a wonderful staff that will bend over backwards to help in anyway they can.

MK from Google

I have had a terrible back for roughly five years and had just about given up hope on ever getting better and living my dream of playing college basketball. After countless physical therapists and chiropractors that made no change, I stopped wasting my money. Then a family member told me about this “chiropractor” that isn’t just a chiropractor. They told me he takes an outside the box approach to your injuries/ailments (even using laser technology used on pro athletes) and was unlike anyone I had before. I figured I would humor them and make them happy so I went. Driving 10 minutes down the street to Dr. Chris was the best decision I’ve ever made! I went from not being able to stand, sit, or walk for more than 10 minutes at a time to being able to complete full basketball workouts and have a tryout for ASU before this years season starts. Will I make the team? I’ll have to wait and see, but I never could have even had the opportunity if it weren’t for this wonderful medical team!


Dr. Chris Serafini and his staff are the most professional and incredibly welcoming staff I have ever experienced anywhere in the medical profession. Dr. Serafini not only gives you the gift of being pain free but he also gives you the knowledge and the tools to live a pain free and healthy lifestyle. He is HANDS DOWN the BEST chiropractor I have every seen.

Matt from Yelp

I was referred to Dr. Chris after 26 years of dealing with chronic pain due to 7 different things diagnosed as being wrong with my back and neck. I had already tried physical therapy, acupuncture, trigger point injections, Botox and spinal injections, pain patches, pain meds and even considered surgery over the years, but nothing seemed to help. I had been to a traditional chiropractor years ago, but I had not had any relief, in fact, I had developed a fear of chiropractors because of my experience. Adding yoga and other forms of exercise as well as massage therapy along with certain pain meds did help somewhat, but I still struggled with pain each day. Finally, my massage therapist referred me to her chiropractor… Dr. Chris. She said he was “different” than the traditional chiropractor. I read about his approach ( Brimhall’s Steps to Wellness and the Gonstead Technique ) and decided to give him a try. I’m glad I did! Within a short amount of time, I began to feel improvement. I began to feel relief for a couple of days, then a few days, then for a matter of weeks. I couldn’t believe that Dr. Chris’ work on my scar tissue and his focus on some of my other issues could have such a positive impact on how I felt! I never thought I could feel this good!!!!! Dr. Chris and his staff are genuine Wellness facilitators…they are professional and truly caring. They go “above and beyond” on a consistent basis. I am so in awe of what Dr. Chris has done for me that I have referred friends and family to him. They also have had a positive experience. Thank you Dr. Chris! I can’t tell you how much you have changed my life. I am forever grateful!

Hillary from Google

I have had pain in my left leg that has stopped me from walking and running exercises..Dr. Chris has been the only one to help me….he is the greatest!!! I am now able to run and walk. I would have given up if he had not helped me. His office staff is amazing and in general a great experience…I was able to run a13.1 mile marathon in January because of him!!

Linda from Google

Dr. Chris has been great. Finally I was able to find out exactly what was causing my pain. He has been helpful in reducing the pain in my neck and arm. I would recommend Dr. Chris to anyone who has experienced neck or back pain. Thanks!

Candice from Google

I was very pessimistic about going to a chiropractor. However, after failing to find relief from the “traditional” doctors for my migraines and being one step away from a nerve ablation I decided to try out Dr. Chris after he made a presentation at my work place. I was getting up to 3 migraines a month (at my worst). After 3 months of treatment from Dr. Chris I’ve had 1 migraine (at about 1.5 months in from beginning treatment). I’m very excited to have seen the results that I did. I’m glad I made the choice to have Dr. Chris work on me. I did have some issues dealing with the billing staff when it came to them dealing with my insurance company and setting expectations for what they said was covered costs & what was out of pocket costs. This being the only reason why I did not rate an excellent. It all worked out in the end however, and as I said before, I am glad that I had Dr. Chris perform the work on me that he did.

Christofer from Google

When I first started seeing Dr. Chris, I can honestly say I was very apprehensive. I have been to at least 8 other chiro’s and I thought only two knew what they were talking about but with Dr. Chris he is very exact of what he does. It was not about adjusting everything. He had a plan to get me better and it even gotten me back in the gym. Now we are working on a wellness program to get me healthly

Wes from Google

Sciatica for over 8 months – unable to stand or walk without severe pain. WOW! I have my sister to thank for dragging me in to see Doctor Chris. She was tired of seeing me so miserable and in constant pain and having tried other remedies and spent so much money – all to no avail. I had done the epidurals, physical therapy, disc surgery, acupuncture, laser and decompression therapy and was still in so much pain! After just one week at VSC, my sciatica was GONE and has not returned. Now Wes and Doctor Chris are working toward correcting my back and neck problems so I won’t have to worry about back issues in the future. I’m thrilled to have the symptoms GONE, but also glad to know we are treating the underlying problem as well. Can’t thank you enough!


My daughter wet the bed every night. Abby had 2 dry nights in 8 years. We tried lots of tricks to get her to have a dry pull up. Nothing worked. That is until we came to Dr. Chris. After his treatment of Abby she is now dry 90% of the time! We are all beyond happy, especially Abby.


My neck pain began in February, 2011. After seeing my primary Dr., an Acupuncturist, an Orthopedic specialist and a Physical Therapist I was still not given a final diagnosis, but was evaluated for Vitamin D deficiency, arthritis, severe back and neck muscle spasms and a “bump” in my cervical area. I suffered from severe pain, loss of basic range of motion , intense muscle spasms and radiating pain in my neck and mid-back. I began to fear having to take leave from my job; even day to day tasks had become unbearable. The only treatment offered were pain meds and further diagnostic testing via several ongoing shots in the cervical area to determine the cause of the pain. Dr. Serafini was the only physician to actually state what the problem was, offer me any non-invasive treatment option, and state with confidence, that he could provide significant improvement. Valley Spinal Care – Kierland offers ongoing care for their clients as actual human beings as well as patients. I walked into the office barely able to turn my head and constantly on the verge of tears from persistent pain, discomfort & frustration; a couple months later the improvement is really incredible! My neck and back have improved so much; I can live my life again without anticipating pain with every movement. I am “normal” again. Thank you, Dr. Chris Serafini & staff for caring enough to make a difference!


Lower back pain and sharp pain going down my left side. I received great treatment. Not only did I get adjusted, I got physical therapy treatment as well. Dr Serafini let me know exactly what he was going to do for me and he has done it. My back and left side is pain free!!! I have more energy and more movement in my back. I have not felt this good since I was in high school. Thanks Doc! You have changed my life.


Experience the Gonstead Difference. There truly is a difference. I think I heard you say that about a dozen times before I really got it. I have benefited from chiropractic since I was in an auto accident in college in 1988. The ‘doctors’ wanted to put me in traction for an undetermined amount of time and, of course, loaded me up with pain pills. I took enough pain medication to get me in a car and have a friend drive me to the chiropractor for my first visit. I went every day for a week and by week’s end I was back to pulling all night study sessions and threw away the pain medication. Since the auto accident, I have continued with chiropractic care. When I have been consistent with chiropractic, my health has always benefited beyond anything else I have done. I first heard of the Gonstead method of chiropractic from a colleague of Dr. Serafini’s in a networking meeting. Then I met him at another professional networking group. I listened to about five of his presentations before I decided to give it a try. At the time of my first visit with Dr. Serafini, I had a client who had his own chiropractic practice and I was getting adjusted by him without charge, but all without significant relief of symptoms. After my initial appointment I was convinced and have continued to experience the remarkable difference in the increased quality of life a healthy spine affords. The Gonstead difference was evident from that very first appointment. The Gonstead approach is so much more focused than the chiropractic care I have known. I no longer settle for the randomness of adjustment I had become accustomed to, and the specificity of adjustments. Better results over extended periods of time means a better life. And I am all “better”! Thank you Dr. Chris. The “Gonstead Difference” has made all the difference in the world.


I was having severe hip and leg pain all the way down to my foot on the left side. After seeing numerous specialists and getting no relief, or being told they couldn’t do anything for me, I didn’t know what to do. I had been on pain medication for just over three years. I was told by a friend to see Dr. Chris so I did. After about a month I had little to no pain. I went back to work and had a relapse. He proceeded to work on me and, about a month and a half later, I was back to work and have had no problems since. I am now able to play catch and wrestle with my son. I am now playing softball which is something I thought was impossible with my herniated disc in my lower back. Dr. Chris has given me life again that I thought was never possible, I am off pain meds now too.


I walked into Valley Spinal Care somewhat skeptical about chiropractors as a result of my experience with other chiropractors. While it was pretty normal for me to wake up with a headache each morning and down coffee and Advil because of chronic headaches, this headache would NOT go away. After taking Aspirin, Tylenol, Advil, Motrin, and Excedrin with no relief over a 3-day period, I wandered into the chiropractic office on 64th and Greenway. I was immediately impressed by the doctor and staff. Dr. Chris worked me into the schedule and was able to treat me for the headache the same day. What a relief! My headache was gone before I went to bed that night, and I didn’t have to take any more medicine that day. Subsequently, I spent time with Dr. Serafini and we reviewed X-rays and he took time to answer all of my initial and on-going questions. I especially like the treatment style of Dr. Serafini as it focuses on the practical mechanical movement of the spine and has a logical basis that is easily understood. I am thankful that I feel so good and that I have a big bottle of Advil that hasn’t been opened yet — I’m planning on keeping it that way. Everyone has a spine and everyone can benefit from chiropractic. If you haven’t already, set an appointment — the only thing you can lose is pain.


I spent a decade dealing with back pain; I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t sit up straight, I even had circulatory problems and trouble exercising. I tried physical therapy, stretching, yoga, acupuncture, even other chiropractors, but nothing worked. In fact, most of the ‘specialists’ I saw couldn’t even identify the causes of my back pain. Frustrated, I decided to give Dr. Chris a shot. Within the first two sessions, Dr. Chris had not only identified the source of my woes, but made adjustments that brought immediate relief. Dr. Chris did an excellent job explaining to me not only my symptoms, but also the proactive steps needed to have sustained, long-term success. Thanks to Dr. Chris, I’m virtually pain-free for the first time in 10 years!


From fear and skepticism, I had never before sought out chiropractic care until the day I walked into the Valley Spinal Care office. I had woken up in pain and unable to turn my neck, and was stuck in a position where all I could see was my right shoulder. Dr Chris made sure I was comfortable and well-informed about the adjustments needed and the philosophy behind chiropractic medicine. I improved about 80% after my first visit and I’ve been coming back daily to maintain and strengthen through combined physical therapy exercises and adjustments. The team at Valley Spinal Care is friendly and professional and they have gone above and beyond to accommodate my schedule and financial capabilities. I am lucky to be in Dr. Chris’s care.


I have suffered from lower back pain and stiffness in my neck for over five years. Dr. Serafini took X-rays and discovered a structural problem with my spine and neck. After my first few sessions of adjustments and physical therapy, I experienced relief from pain and gained greater flexibility in my lower back. Dr. Serafini is a patient and caring doctor who takes time to teach me how to improve my health. He designed a long-term treatment plan to ensure effective results in correcting and strengthening my spine. Thank you, Dr. Serafini!


I was referred to Dr. Chris by an associate at my workplace after having been observed raising my right arm and complaining of the pain in my arm, shoulder and neck. When asked what was wrong, I explained it was arthritis. That’s what my general physician had diagnosed it as several years ago and I had been taking pain medications to control the pain particularly after any strenuous activity such as driving for an hour or so or playing a few holes of golf. Because the pain detracted from enjoying the game, I had not played for over a year. My associate told me of the relief she had received from a pain in her lower back and suggested I check in with Dr. Chris for another opinion. I had never had any experience with chiropractic medicine but with her encouragement arranged an appointment. I was pleased to meet with Dr. Chris and hear his approach to my pain situation. After examining my X-rays he explained thoroughly what the Gonstead System approach was about and why he was confident he would be able to help me recover from some injury in years past. He showed me where my injury had damaged my spine and how his treatment would relieve the pressure on the nerve and relieve the pain I was experiencing. The very first adjustment was amazing. I was virtually without pain for the first time in several years. I had suffered for so long I could not remember when it actually started. I remember several minor accidents in the past but none that seemed serious enough to have caused this painful condition. Dr. Chris assured me that the other more obvious injuries during these accidents could have masked the underlying vertebrae problem. I am pleased to have discovered Dr. Chris and recommend him to anyone suffering from any pain situation.


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