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I began seeing Dr. Serafini last Fall 2014, reluctantly, as my experience with chiropractic care over the years had been fruitless. I have been living with headaches most of my life and have sought various means of controlling them from medication to acupuncture only to give up hope of a solution. I noticed a sign on his office for Trigger Point Workshops and I remembered having had some success in the past with trigger point work. I’m very glad that I took a chance and tried again. I don’t know exactly how Dr. Serafini does what he does, though he certainly makes every effort at thoroughly explaining how he does it. I just know that he has helped me. I cannot say that I am headache free but the intensity and frequency of the annoyance of headaches has greatly diminished. I also brought my son to see Dr. Serafini. He had injured his shoulder in a fall. Orthopedic doctors had reached the point of recommending surgery for him when we decided to try Dr. Serafini. It wasn’t easy or quick, but my son’s shoulder has normal range of motion now without surgical intervention. Dr. Serfini uses techniques and therapies that are uniquely intuitive and effective. That’s the part I don’t understand but I don’t have to know how a computer works in order to use it effectively. I can now say that chiropractic care works. I never thought I would say that. And I must also compliment him on his staff. Sherry and Patty are always helpful and cheerful. And I can’t say enough about Brian who manages the physical therapy part. Again, I’m not sure how he does what he does, but it works and he has the same empathetic awareness of where the problem is. He has an easy going, engaging manner that especially put my son at ease. If other chiropractors have fallen short or your expectations, I recommend Valley Spinal Care as the last chiropractor you will ever need.
Anne J. from Yelp
…Dr Chris has bent over backwards to help my family and find solutions to all 4 of my family members to be able to be treated! Dr Chris adjusted my newborn twins when they were 5 days old and came to me, as I was unable to come to see him at the time. He is SO knowledgeable and precise on his treatments, I believe he is the ONLY chiropractor in town that can heal your aches and ailments and KEEP you pain free. Other chiropractors do unnecessary adjustments, which don’t hold, and will leave you needing to go back again and again. Dr Chris’ form of treatment will help your adjustments last and improve many other aspects of your health and wellness. No other doctor is as thorough and so invested in your overall health and that is PRICELESS. He is worth every penny and as far from “money hungry” as a person can get.
Julie Poulson from Google
Even though I don’t live in AZ anymore, I always go see Dr. Serafini when I’m in town. In fact, he’s the only chiropractor I will see! He is professional and courteous, and most importantly, he knows how to get my body feeling good again. I’m glad I have found such an excellent chiropractor who I can depend on!!
Shere M. from Yelp
Dr. S is the best chiropractor I have ever seen and with over 50 yrs of chiropractic help.I went in barely able to walk and am fully active again. He knows his anatomy and keeps up with his ever changing field.. He has awesome PT and office help. If I didn’t have great chiropractic help I would wind up needlessly on a surgical table. Give him a chance and he can change your life! Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know.
Nancy M. from Google
Dr. Christopher Serafini is the BEST of the BEST. I have been to many other doctors who were chiropractors but never have had the results I got from Dr Chris Serafine. Seeing the xrays of my lower back and neck and how they needed treatment, after 20 years of running an office and sitting in front of a computer was an eye opener for me. I am amazed at how much better I feel. I do deep water and shallow water aerobics on a regular basis and now with a greater ease. He truly changed my life for the better. He takes the time to discuss your condition thoroughly makes sure you understand what will be accomplished with the treatments. He has a wonderful staff that will bend over backwards to help in anyway they can.
MK from Google
Dr. Chris Serafini and his staff are the most professional and incredibly welcoming staff I have ever experienced anywhere in the medical profession. Dr. Serafini not only gives you the gift of being pain free but he also gives you the knowledge and the tools to live a pain free and healthy lifestyle. He is HANDS DOWN the BEST chiropractor I have every seen.
Matt P. from Yelp
I was referred to Dr. Chris after 26 years of dealing with chronic pain due to 7 different things diagnosed as being wrong with my back and neck. I had already tried physical therapy, acupuncture, trigger point injections, Botox and spinal injections, pain patches, pain meds and even considered surgery over the years, but nothing seemed to help. I had been to a traditional chiropractor years ago, but I had not had any relief, in fact, I had developed a fear of chiropractors because of my experience. Adding yoga and other forms of exercise as well as massage therapy along with certain pain meds did help somewhat, but I still struggled with pain each day. Finally, my massage therapist referred me to her chiropractor… Dr. Chris. She said he was “different” than the traditional chiropractor. I read about his approach ( Brimhall’s Steps to Wellness and the Gonstead Technique ) and decided to give him a try. I’m glad I did! Within a short amount of time, I began to feel improvement. I began to feel relief for a couple of days, then a few days, then for a matter of weeks. I couldn’t believe that Dr. Chris’ work on my scar tissue and his focus on some of my other issues could have such a positive impact on how I felt! I never thought I could feel this good!!!!! Dr. Chris and his staff are genuine Wellness facilitators…they are professional and truly caring. They go “above and beyond” on a consistent basis. I am so in awe of what Dr. Chris has done for me that I have referred friends and family to him. They also have had a positive experience. Thank you Dr. Chris! I can’t tell you how much you have changed my life. I am forever grateful!
Hillary Sweet from Google
I have had pain in my left leg that has stopped me from walking and running exercises..Dr. Chris has been the only one to help me….he is the greatest!!! I am now able to run and walk. I would have given up if he had not helped me. His office staff is amazing and in general a great experience…I was able to run a13.1 mile marathon in January because of him!!
Linda Solberg from Google
Dr. Chris has been great. Finally I was able to find out exactly what was causing my pain. He has been helpful in reducing the pain in my neck and arm. I would recommend Dr. Chris to anyone who has experienced neck or back pain. Thanks!
Candice from Google
I was very pessimistic about going to a chiropractor. However, after failing to find relief from the “traditional” doctors for my migraines and being one step away from a nerve ablation I decided to try out Dr. Chris after he made a presentation at my work place. I was getting up to 3 migraines a month (at my worst). After 3 months of treatment from Dr. Chris I’ve had 1 migraine (at about 1.5 months in from beginning treatment). I’m very excited to have seen the results that I did. I’m glad I made the choice to have Dr. Chris work on me. I did have some issues dealing with the billing staff when it came to them dealing with my insurance company and setting expectations for what they said was covered costs & what was out of pocket costs. This being the only reason why I did not rate an excellent. It all worked out in the end however, and as I said before, I am glad that I had Dr. Chris perform the work on me that he did.
Christofer Gendreau from Google
When I first started seeing Dr. Chris, I can honestly say I was very apprehensive. I have been to at least 8 other chiro’s and I thought only two knew what they were talking about but with Dr. Chris he is very exact of what he does. It was not about adjusting everything. He had a plan to get me better and it even gotten me back in the gym. Now we are working on a wellness program to get me healthly
Wes Trujillo from Google

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